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Q2, 2019 meeting on June 13, 2019 from 2pm to 4pm Central

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Please join Disability:IN North Texas and our two special guest speakers, Tim Allen and Dr. Rebecca Harvey.


Tim Allen will discuss the communities that Achieve serves and the services that benefit local companies and employers including its employment program for non-veterans with disabilities.

Dr. Rebecca Harvey will join us to speak on approaching mental wellness conversations with your employees. She will provide education for understanding what individuals may be struggling with and offer frontline interventions you can suggest. For more difficult situations, resource considerations will be provided.


Tim Allen is the Executive Director of Achieve where he inspires and empowers his staff to create and implement outstanding programs that experience real results. A Texas native, Tim graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a degree in Business Management and immediately began working in the non-profit sector. He has never looked back. Tim has served in leadership positions at First United Methodist Church, Volunteer Now, Dare to Dream Foundation, Buckner International and Children of Uganda. Tim has a personal connection to Achieve’s mission, a 23-year old daughter with developmental disabilities, and therefore, he brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their family members/caregivers. Tim serves on two nonprofit boards. He is President of The Nonprofit CEO Council, a networking and membership organization group for North Texas Nonprofit leaders, and he is the Development Chair for the Texas Chargers, an annual family conference for children and adults with Charge Syndrome.

Dr. Rebecca Harvey is a wellness-focused existential psychologist who specializes in providing a highly personalized therapy experience for her private practice clients. Her work is aimed at improving life satisfaction by reducing stress caused by emotional reactivity and increasing self-compasion. She assist clients with cultivating mind-body connection and developing meditation practice and offers education on the neurobiology of emotional regulation.